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One of the leading causes of people quitting their jobs is workplace stress and the impact it has on the mental health of employees. For individuals, the experience of starting and quitting jobs is in itself stress-producing. For employers and HR managers, the difficulties with employee retention contribute to increased costs and decreased productivity.

Navigating Emotional Realities with Adults is an on-demand workshop that explores the emotional functioning of adults in a workplace setting. Accessing current neuroscience information and applying it in the context of the high-paced, stress-filled world in which we are all living and working will assist individuals in better understanding their own emotional experiences in the workplace. It will also help staff understand the emotional and relational dynamics they encounter at work and supply individuals, staff, and HR/personnel managers with strategies and tools to assist in developing a workplace that supports the mental health of all employees—a key factor in retention and productivity.

Among the concepts included in the workshop are:

  • The neuroscience of emotional development and relational functioning
  • Ways to be aware of and promote a safe work environment
  • Understanding adult stages of development and how they impact the workplace
  • Recognizing generational patterns in relationships with co-workers
  • Conflict resolution tools
  • Strategies for building and sustaining a workplace environment that encourages retention and productivity


“This material gives insight into the science of human emotions and adult development that business leaders can utilize to improve employee morale, which in turn improves overall business performance.” —Kristy Gebhart, Regional Vice President, Partners Personnel, Indianapolis, Indiana