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Who is Tom?

Tom’s personal mission statement is to “help others achieve their full potential”. He has been fortunate enough to learn at the knee of some great leaders who showed him the true meaning of leadership by serving those they lead. His life’s work has been taking those experiences, intentionally seeking more knowledge and being willing to share what he’s learned with those who are interested in becoming more than they are, whether that be an individual, an organization or a community.

Tom’s Credentials


  • BA Management, University of Redlands
  • Early Childhood Development Certificate, UCLA , Head Start Fellows Program


  • Trainer Certification, Bridges Out of Poverty
  • Trainer Certification, Getting Ahead in a Just Getting By World
  • Trainer Certification, Getting Ahead While Getting Out
  • Trainer Certification, College Achievement Alliance

Work History

  • Pilot Officer, United States Marine Corps
  • Director of Employment Development for 9,000 employee workforce, Fortune 300 Corp
  • Head Start and Early Head Start Director
  • Management Specialist, Quality Improvement Center for Oklahoma, all Arkansas and Louisiana Head Start programs
  • Executive Director, Drug and Alcohol Residential Treatment Center
  • Director of Community Anti-Poverty Initiative, Muskogee, OK

Tom’s aha! Moment

RELATIONSHIPS! Even though the Bridges constructs emphasize the importance of relationships, it took some time before he fully realized their true importance. In order to be successful in this type of work, he claims we have to form relationships and constantly, intentionally nurture those relationships as we move forward.

Tom’s Passions

His passion is working with community leaders to help implement anti-poverty initiatives, build teams and move the needle on issues that affect the under resourced populations.

Tom’s best training

The best training happens when the attendees understand the importance of looking at problems through a different lens and he learns about them and their community. He claims to have never provided training for a community without creating lasting relationships and learning about the things that make that community unique.

What does Tom do for fun?

Golf, long distance motorcycle adventures, DIY projects and reading.