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Who is Quinton?

Quinton Askew has spent the past 15 years in executive leadership positions with nonprofits and state and local governments. He is currently president/CEO of 211Maryland. During his time as a director with the government of Howard County, Maryland, he oversaw the implementation of Bridges Out of Poverty, Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin’-By World, and Getting Ahead While Getting Out. These efforts included an aftercare component, Staying Ahead, to support Getting Ahead graduates.

Quinton is also the founder of Conscious Minds Foundation, a community-based training and mentoring program whose mission is to strengthen families, improve youth outcomes, and engage the community. Quinton grew up in the city of Baltimore and has worked in nonprofit, government, and correctional institutions, giving him a keen understanding of growing up in an underserved, under-resourced community, navigating systems, as well as engaging community members from all demographics and economic backgrounds.

Quinton’s credentials

  • Certified, Six Sigma Green Belt
  • Certified, Traumatic Stress and Trauma Informed Care
  • Industrial Areas Foundation, Community Organizing Certification
  • Police and Correctional Training Academy, Certification
  • Bachelor of Science, Criminal Justice

Work history

  • Founder, Conscious Minds Foundation
  • President/CEO, 211Maryland
  • Director, Howard County Government
  • Cecil County Department of Corrections
  • Baltimore City Housing Authority
  • Baltimore City Department of Corrections
  • Baltimore City State’s Attorney Office

Quinton’s aha! moment

My aha! moment was the first-time I participated in a Bridges workshop and heard the phrase “build bridges by building relationships.” It was a simple yet powerful statement that I began to use as a framework for the work we did implementing the model in Howard County and in all my community engagement work. It has been great to see people’s lives impacted by the new relationships they have created!

Quinton’s passions
I’m passionate about working with people, especially those from underserved and under-resourced communities. I am passionate about creating sustainable communities where everyone’s voice is heard and where they have an inclusive seat at the table.

Quinton’s best training
The most inspiring moments during trainings are seeing audience members get an aha! moment and become personally impacted. It is a great experience when groups learn to see others who are different from them in a more conscious, positive way that is based on the assets and experiences they have and not on judgment about what they don’t know or don’t have.

What does Quinton do for fun?

I laugh as much as I can! My happy space is coaching my travel basketball team, reading, playing with my 12-year-old twins (a boy and a girl) and enjoying life.

What people are saying about Quinton?

“Quinton was engaging, funny, and kept the information relevant to the group.”

“The presentation was informative, and the stories were great examples to understand in more detail.”

“Wonderful presentation and presenter. I had no idea some of the disconnects our organization had.”