One Page Bio

Who is Nathan?

Nathan Mandsager was born in Iowa and lived all over the country before settling in Schenectady, New York, where he has lived for the past 20 years. Nathan launched Schenectady Works, a division of the City Mission of Schenectady, in 2013, and currently serves as associate executive director. He is committed to empowering employees and employers by focusing on retention and improved productivity. Through innovative initiatives that have led to dynamic, communitywide partnerships among agencies, businesses, faith-based organizations, and community leaders, he seeks to remove barriers, build resources, and support the community in the journey from instability to thriving stability and growth.

Nathan’s credentials, degrees, and certificates

  • B.A. in World History at the University at Albany, graduating with honors, Albany, NY (2000)
  • M.A. in Missional Leadership at The Resurgence Training Center, Seattle WA (2011)
  • Foundations and Principles of Holistic Ministry, Chalmers Center (2011)
  • FEMA Disaster Management and Coordination (2012)
  • National Trainer’s Certification in Bridges Out of Poverty
  • Recipient of The Schenectady Foundation’s Community Hero Award (2014)
  • Recipient of the Chamber of Commerce’s Good News Award (2012, 2018)
  • Recipient of The Albany Business Review’s 40 Under 40 Award (2015)
  • Recognized at the Fourth Annual Community Father’s Conference for Dedicated Community Service (2016)
  • Workforce Development and Community Education Advisory Committee, SCCC (current)
  • Nonprofit Advisory Committee, Capital Region Chamber (current)

Nathan’s work history

  • Associate Executive Director, Schenectady Works, City Mission (2012–current)
  • Coordinator of Schenectady Bridges Collaboration (2012–2017)
  • Chairman of the Board for ChildVoice International, (2016–current)
  • Elder at CityView Church, Scotia, NY (2016–current)
  • Coordinator of the Flood Recovery Coalition for Schenectady County (2011–2012)
  • Associate Pastor of Calvary Tabernacle (2000–2011)
  • Cofounder of the Haven Family Center (2005)
  • Wrestling Coach, Schenectady City School District (2001–2010)
  • Elementary Teacher (fifth and sixth grades, 2000–2002)
  • Led multiple development and mission teams to countries in Africa, Eastern Europe, and Haiti, working with individuals in absolute poverty to rebuild their lives (2001–current)

Nathan’s aha! moment

Recognizing—no matter the context—that relational credibility built on consistency and trust proves to be the ultimate game-changer every time. By establishing trusted relationships with colleagues, employees, friends, community members, and family, there is really no limit to what can be accomplished.

Nathan’s passion

Too much in this world screams of individualism and self-gratification. I despise these things in myself and fight against them in our world. Though they are present, I refuse to settle for the status quo. Too much is at stake. Whatever I do, I want it to be within an environment where greatness is expected of me and in the community around me. I believe that we serve better, sacrifice more, and reach greater potential when we are united in purpose. Together we can see lives rescued from the horrors of our world, communities transformed into places of safety and hope, corporations that forgo the pursuits of wealth for the greater good, and families restored to a place of original beauty.

Nathan’s best training

My best training is when I engage with business leaders who are influential in their corporate structure and local community. It is crucial that they understand and grasp the skills and tools to better utilize the assets at their disposal and empower their workforce, which contributes to the health of the wider communities.

What does Nathan do for fun?

I enjoy spending time with my wife, Pam, who I’ve been married to for 18 years; whether it’s snowshoeing, reading, working on house projects, going for a ride on the motorcycle, or traveling far and wide. I also really enjoy engaging with my two kids, Zak (17) and Grayce (almost 13). I appreciate regular exercise and a good cup of coffee.