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Who is Michael?

For more than 15 years, Michael has worked for students, teachers, and administrators in public school systems. Michael’s professional roles include various teaching and program leadership roles in K–12. Through aha! Process Michael provides training and consulting services for A Framework for Understanding Poverty, Emotional Poverty, Research-Based Strategies, and How the African-American Experience Affects the Classroom and Strategies for Success.

Michael’s credentials

Degrees and areas of specialization

  • Master of Education in Educational Administration, Texas Southern University
  • Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice, Sam Houston State University
  • Professional Learning Communities at Work, Campus Leader
  • Behavioral Interventions
  • Student Engagement Coaching for School Leaders

Work history

  • Principal
  • Assistant Principal
  • Department Chair/Teacher Leadership Corp.
  • Teacher

Topical listing of recent presentations

  • Online, Student Engagement Coaches and You Webinar
  • AMLE, “Island of Misfit Data: Qualitative Data in a Quantitative World”
  • Antioch Missionary Baptist Church Youth Seminar, “Success from Adversity”

Michael’s aha! moment

Sitting in on a Framework session as an early career teacher in a high-poverty area, I became more aware of the resources I had and how to gauge those of my students. I realized so much about my self and the path I treaded. Just learning the vocabulary of resources and the continuum of stability and instability made everything clearer to me. Fluctuation and fluidity are natural and constant. Finding a path isn’t easy for everyone, but it is possible for everyone to navigate the world when the hidden rules are taught.

Michael’s passions

In my current position, the role of principal is geared towards the collaborative nature of the professional learning community. I believe in having the experts in the classroom collaborate in order to find what is best for students on the campus.

Michael’s best training

Every one! Because I always get the opportunity to learn something from someone else.