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Who is Marye Jane?

Marye Jane Brockinton, Ed.S. of Ward, Arkansas, has been an educator since 2003. Prior to her current role as a principal, she was an account manager for a major international corporation. She has served in leadership roles to increase the achievement of elementary and secondary students. Through aha! Process Marye Jane provides training and consulting services for A Framework for Understanding Poverty, Research-Based Strategies, Motivation, and Under-Resourced Learners. An experienced consultant and educational teacher/leader, Marye Jane has been with aha! Process since 2004.

Marye Jane’s credentials


  • Ed.S., Educational Leadership, Arkansas State University
  • Master’s in Teaching/Education, Harding University
  • Bachelor of Science in Education, Arkansas State University

Work history

  • Principal, Searcy Public Schools
  • Instructional Facilitator, Assistant Principal, Cabot Public Schools
  • Teacher, North Little Rock School District


  • Creation of Response to Intervention (RTI) model, Cabot Public Schools
  • Creation and implementation of Kindles in the Classroom, Cabot Public Schools
  • Integration of Dr. Payne’s work into the education curriculum, Harding University
  • Creation of mental models for Houghton Mifflin elementary social studies textbook

Marye Jane’s aha! moment

My journey of learning began with my first teaching position at Ridgeroad Middle Charter School. This school was the first research site to implement all aspects of the aha! Process school model. I witnessed the true transformation of students who had never been successful in school becoming excited, dedicated learners. This experience allowed me not only to see but to live the experience of the difference Dr. Payne’s work can make in students’ lives and in the lives of educators. I officially joined the aha! Process team nine years ago and continue to implement this model of education. My aha! moment was that every child can be a happy, proficient learner.

Marye Jane’s passions?

Teaching and Reaching the Whole Child. As I have worked to create an RTI model for students, I continue to research the effects of the lack of resources students may have. This research has led to the creation of a model that encompasses additional screeners to address learning, mental, physical, and social needs.

Marye Jane’s best training

My favorite moments during K–12 workshops occur whenever someone says, “Now I understand my family and/or students better. I never understood why they did what they did, and we have always had conflict.” Or an educator will say, “My classroom will be a different place from this point on. I now have the tools to help them be successful.”

What does Marye Jane do for fun?

Standing in the cool river waters with a fly rod in hand is my perfect day of fun. Casting a hand-tied fly across to a waiting trout takes thought and skill. My mind stays focused on enticing my opponent to take a look at my chosen fly. Watching the wildlife while standing in the waters of Yellowstone or my native river, the Little Red, gives me the privilege of seeing this country’s amazing treasures.

What are people saying about Marye Jane?

“This is the first professional development I can take back to the classroom that will really make a life-changing difference for my students.”

“I learned more about why students cannot retain information in today’s workshop than I learned in my four years of college.”

“I had fun in your training today. You gave us the opportunity to share and be a part of such an important topic for today’s students.”

“Inspiration came from every minute of today’s presentation. This will help me become the best I can be.”

“I appreciate you taking a complex social subject and making it relevant and easy to understand and implement!”

“Thank you for bringing a new awareness to our district. We always knew we had children of low income, but we did not really know the ‘why’ behind their struggle in school. For the first time, this district can see how to truly address the needs of the whole child.”

“Thanks for the great presentation you gave to our staff. I’ve received excellent feedback from all who attended. Many of our teachers have a new level of energy, and many commented that they will use your tools/ideas to enhance their effectiveness as teachers.”