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Who is Lucy?

Lucy Shaw-Henderson, B.P.S, M.B.A., is a senior-level executive in Memphis with more than 30 years of experience in progressive leadership roles culminating in a position as president and CEO of the Regional Medical Center at Memphis, (The MED), a major academic medical center. During her tenure at The MED, she pioneered one of the first joint venture managed care organizations in Tennessee with the University of Tennessee. Lucy’s expertise is in visionary leadership training, health and wellness, the provision of safety net health services, and community health and wellness. Since leaving her CEO position 18 years ago, she has been an entrepreneur consulting with companies seeking strategic repositioning and cultural makeovers. She has practiced as a Naturopath, written inspirational and motivational books, and pastored a church. She continues to travel nationally, working with clients as a Transformational Life Coach, and writes a weekly newspaper column titled Living the Life You Love to Live. She is also an experienced and dynamic educator, having taught high school and college courses, and recently completed the development and teaching of a master’s level course, Bridges to Health for Physician Assistants, for Christian Brothers University in Memphis. Lucy is excited to be one of the co-authors of Bridges to Health and Healthcare: New Solutions for Improving Access and Services.


  • Associate Degree (A.D.), Nursing, Purdue University
  • Bachelor of Professional Studies (B.P.S.), Personnel Development, University of Memphis
  • Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.), Executive Program, University of Memphis

Work history

  • High School Teacher, Grades 9-12
  • Staff Nurse, Nurse Supervisor, Nursing Director
  • Adjunct Professor, Health Administration
  • Director of Medical Staff Quality Review
  • Vice President for Nursing, Academic Medical Center
  • Chief Operating Officer, Academic Medical Center
  • President/CEO, Academic Medical Center
  • President/CEO, Heartworks4U, LLC
  • Chairman of the Board, Community Bank


  • Making Bricks Without Straw, A Guide to Character Building
  • Be Not Anxious, A Self-Help Tool
  • Living the Life You Love to Live, weekly newspaper column

Lucy’s aha! moment

I was invited to hear Dr. Rita Pierson speak and was told that the Bridges Out of Poverty work would resonate with me. I was absolutely inspired, moved to tears, and tickled by this astounding woman. She delivered some tough content to a tough audience with a grace that moved my very soul. And, the friend who invited me was correct: the work resonated deeply with me. I simply wanted to be a part of spreading this message. As I sat there listening, all I could think of was how wonderful it would have been to have introduced this when I was working on Health Reform two decades ago! It is an honor and privilege to join the aha! Process team.

What motivates Lucy

I have been reading, learning, and teaching since I got my first library card at age 4. I taught my dolls everything I read. (No one else would listen to me.) My passion to this day is imagining the joy and fulfillment of my audience and then seeing it materialize as light bulbs pop on and audiences have powerful aha! moments. To bring that one new insight, or one new bit of information, that someone has been longing to know is my joy. This is only eclipsed by the opportunities I have to learn from my audiences and forge lasting friendships of mutual respect.

Lucy’s best training

Recently, I had the opportunity to present at the Addressing the Challenges of Poverty 2013 national conference. To share the new and raw material from Bridges to Health and Healthcare and receive such heart-warming feedback and appreciation was overwhelming. The attendees were so very grateful to see the application of these wonderful constructs to this area of constant struggle and demands. To listen to their concerns and see the expressions of relief made all of the thinking and work put into this book by all of the authors exceedingly worthwhile.

Lucy’s passions and fun

My passions include speaking on personal empowerment, reading and researching for my first fiction novel, traveling, loving, and spending time with my children and awesome grandchildren. And for fun I enjoy cooking, eating, loving and sharing with my sister/friends, and, recently, learning to love my tough and effective personal trainer! And, of course, re-inventing myself when the time is right (over and over, LOL).

What are people saying about Lucy?

“So very good! Larger room, longer session.”

“Wanted more of her.”

“Thank you for such wonderful insight.”

“Best presentation by far, this needs to be an entire conference!”

“The most informative session for me during this convention. Send this group to Congress, we might get something done.”

“This should be taught to the people in Washington and at state and local governments.”