One-Page Bio

Who is Kristie?

Kristie L. Place, MSW, LISW-S, from Dayton, Ohio, is a licensed independent social worker who holds a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work from Wright State University (2011), master’s degree in clinical social work from the University of Cincinnati (2012), and has nine years’ experience in the field working with youth and adults in the criminal justice system, refugee resettlement, family therapy, crisis intervention, and with the HIV+ community. She currently works as the co-manager of the LIFE Program at South Community Inc., providing functional family therapy (FFT) with youth involved in the juvenile justice system and their families. Place also serves at The Glen at St. Joseph as a Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin’-By World facilitator.

Kristie says:

Professionally, Bridges concepts have not only allowed me to be a better clinician but also have made me a better supervisor in this field. I am now able to better help direct service staff in trying to understand client motivations that differ from their own and help them build better therapeutic relationships based on understanding and mutual respect, not on charity. I take every opportunity to train and discuss and engage my staff, coworkers, and agencies in which I am involved with these ideals.

My goals now are to be able to support people at a larger scale and to be able to use my knowledge and personal and professional experience to help more people and more agencies fulfill their missions. I believe a great deal of that work can be done through working with their staff to help them understand what drives much of the population they serve and to help people get ahead.

My best moments are when I get to work with people in our field to develop skills in working with the populations we serve, to understand the culture of poverty, and to help people find their strengths and meet their goals.

My aha! moment: Working with a social worker who was working with a client who was HIV+ and in poverty. The goal they were working on was to increase the client’s adherence to taking medications. The case manager, who had a solid middle-class background, was having trouble matching with the client to build motivation. When asked, the social worker was focusing on prevention concepts and long-term health. Knowing the client had custody of a young grandchild, the social worker and I discussed changing talk of motivation to being there, being healthy for her grandchild. The client was able to increase medication compliance within two months. This situation was a great example for our whole team working to increase awareness of the importance of matching with clients to find what really motivates them and not what we think is best to help clients ultimately reach their goals.

For fun I like to write (fiction), ride horses and travel, and bake. I have a 14-year-old son, and we have two cats. My son plays hockey, and I love being his biggest cheerleader. I also love watching HGTV and would like to learn to flip houses someday.