One-Page Bio

Who is Chestin?

For more than 20 years, Dr. Chestin Auzenne-Curl has served students, teachers, and administrators in public school systems and higher education. Chestin’s professional roles include various critical teaching and program leadership roles in K–12, as well as teaching and mentoring in higher education. She is also an internationally awarded qualitative research fellow. Through aha! Process Chestin provides training and consulting services for Emotional Poverty, Academic Coaching, Rich Instruction, A Framework for Understanding Poverty, and Research-Based Strategies.

Chestin’s credentials


  • Doctor of Philosophy in Curriculum and Instruction, Urban Teacher Education, University of Houston Main Campus
  • Master of Science in Curriculum and Instruction, University of Houston at Clear Lake
  • Bachelor of Arts in Literature, Sam Houston State University

Work history

  • Qualitative research associate
  • Lecturer and adjunct professor
  • Curriculum program coordinator
  • Campus literacy specialist/instructional coach
  • Teacher

Topical listing of recent publications/presentations

  • “Sing It Over: Meditations on ‘Best-Loved Self’ and Sustaining in Secondary English Language Arts
  • “Reflections at Curtain Call: A Phenomenological Study of Attrition Among Teacher Educators in the Field”
  • Bleeding Data: Tales from the Secondary Writer’s Workshop
  • Passion Through Practice: Engaging Secondary Student’s through Personalization of the Writer’s Workshop
  • The Living Literature Classroom: Instructional Approaches to Management and Meaning-Making

Chestin’s aha! moment

In 2005, one of my campus administrators offered me her autographed copy of A Framework for Understanding Poverty. “You get this. It’s what you do. I want to send you to become a trainer,” she said. I had no idea that the pages of the book would speak to me in such a deep way, or that after working and presenting in several local districts for 10 years, that I would find myself on the aha! Process team. I have been growing in my belief that life is a series of “aha” moments, and sharing stories of experience is a warm way to shatter the walls that divide us.

Chestin’s passions?

I believe that the single most important factor in the formal education of a child is the teacher in the classroom. Because of this, I have dedicated my professional and academic studies to topics that explore the educator experience. My current research is dedicated to narrative inquiry regarding educator induction and attrition in urban public school settings and the effectiveness of support systems and personnel available in context.

Chestin’s best training

My favorite moments during workshops occur when participants experience and share their own “aha” moments. There is something invigorating about a room full of people who model and practice what they preach. Learning is a lifelong process.

What does Chestin do for fun?

I love to eat. My family and I spend weekends out experiencing new restaurants or trying new recipes at home. Otherwise, I’m a quintessential nerd! I read, write, and sing for fun.