One Page Bio

Who is Carey?

Carey Arensberg is an educator in Alabama who is passionate about creating equitable learning environments for students, regardless of background. For the last 12 years, Carey has taught at a low-income, Title I school, serving students who navigate life’s difficulties and may just need an extra shoulder to lean on when times are hard. In her time there, Carey created a food pantry and spread the idea of a Care Closet all over social media, prompting hundreds of teachers to do the same. She is passionate about continuing her own education through literature and experiences that help her spread the word of equitable student care. Recently, Carey has taken on the role of social emotional behavior specialist in a new school, where she can use her education and passion to continue to advocate for the needs of students on a mental, physical, and emotional level.

What is Carey’s educational background?

Carey has a master’s degree in educational leadership with a minor in trauma and resilience in education. She is also a certified trauma and resilience practitioner, coach, and specialist.

Who is Carey’s family? 

Beyond education, Carey is a wife and a mother of two boys, ages 8 and 10. She mentored two of her former students (who are like family to her now) through their high school careers, and they are now happy, healthy college students! Her family has a sweet dog named Annie, and they all love spending time on the beautiful beaches of Alabama!

Carey’s aha! moment

Her aha! moment came after studying Ruby Payne’s book, A Framework for Understanding Poverty, as a staff book study in 2012. It was revolutionary for her to thoroughly understand the ins and outs of each social class while affirming that needs are still present within each class. This book transformed the way she saw not only her students but the world around her. It prompted her to continue to grow in her own empathy and compassion toward others, as well as working to create classrooms full of empathetic children who can bring those skills with them as they grow.

Carey’s passions

Creating a more well-rounded education system for all children is at the top of her list. She also loves music and sharing that passion with others. She sings and plays piano while her husband plays guitar and drums. Her children also sing and play piano and guitar.

Carey’s best training

Emotional Poverty and a Framework for Understanding Poverty have been the most transformative for her.

What does Carey do for fun?

Carey loves spending time on the water with her family, playing and creating music, painting, and sharing her educational experiences on social media. She also has a huge earring collection, and she loves putting together outfits that put a smile on her students’ faces.