Phil DeVol and Gene Krebs have been featured on multiple television shows recently in support of their book Bridges Across Every Divide. The book outlines how political progressives and conservatives alike can put aside their differences to work on policies that work for the poor.

Check out their recent panel appearance on this special episode of the WOSU show Columbus on the Record titled “The Complex Problem of Poverty.”

DeVol and Krebs also made an appearance on Ideastream, a show on WVIZ. In this video they’re joined by Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin’-By World graduate Angellina Irizarry. (Use this link if the embedded video below isn’t working.)

Finally, in an article on, Krebs and DeVol’s project is profiled in more depth. In the article, titled “Authors Bring Novel Approach to Addressing Poverty to Cleveland,” Krebs is quoted as saying, “For public policy to be successful, you need all voices, you need all voters at the table … If it’s just the bourgeois talking to the bourgeois, we’re just going to get bourgeois solutions for the bourgeois … You need to get all three [economic classes] at the table, then you begin to get the stuff going forward in a way that can actually be implemented.”