Combined trainer certification

Join us in Minneapolis!

Don’t miss the fall combined certification event! Three jam-packed days of training and workshops. A huge selection of programs will be offered for both Bridges “beginners” and more experienced practitioners.

The event is based on our Resource Builder Model, which aims to unite all sectors of the community to effectively address poverty at the individual, community and institutional levels.

Several workshops will be offered for individuals interested in learning how aha! Process constructs can be applied across multiple sectors, including:

  • Community service organizations
  • Colleges and universities
  • K–12

Trainer certification and facilitator training allows you to expand the reach of Bridges and College Achievement throughout your institution. Participants are required to have completed the appropriate prerequisite courses for each training (see website registration for full details).

Trainer Certification and Facilitator Training Courses

Also Available:

Don’t miss your chance to become an aha! Process certified trainer.