Chestin Auzenne-Curl, Ph.D. has served students, teachers, and administrators in public school systems and higher education for more than 20 years. Auzenne-Curl’s professional roles include various critical teaching and program leadership roles in K–12, as well as teaching and mentoring in higher education. She is also an internationally awarded research fellow. Auzenne-Curl holds a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction / Urban Teacher Education from the University of Houston.

“In 2005, one of my campus administrators offered me her autographed copy of A Framework for Understanding Poverty. ‘You get this. It’s what you do. I want to send you to become a trainer,’ she said. I had no idea that the pages of the book would speak to me in such a deep way, or that after working and presenting in several local districts for 10 years, that I would find myself on the aha! Process team. I have been growing in my belief that life is a series of ‘aha’ moments, and sharing stories of experience is a warm way to shatter the walls that divide us.”


Selected workshops presented by Chestin Auzenne-Curl

  • A Framework for Understanding Poverty
  • Emotional Poverty
  • Research-Based Strategies