Change your understanding of poverty and learn strategies to improve learning outcomes for under-resourced students

Based on Dr. Ruby K. Payne’s groundbreaking book, A Framework for Understanding Poverty, A Framework for Understanding Poverty workshop provides educators with a better understanding of the challenges under-resourced students face and strategies to better support their academic achievement.

During the workshop your team will learn:

  • How the hidden rules of economic class and their effects on behaviors and mindsets
  • How to develop stronger relationships with students that positively impact behavior
  • 10 actions that that will improve social, behavioral and academic outcomes for students from poverty

Ensure that the strategies learned in the workshop are put into practice with academic coaching. Through coaching, teachers will:

  • Benefit from the expertise of an aha! Process consultant to implement the concepts, strategies, and processes learned in the workshop
  • Collaborate with their colleagues to build their knowledge and skills
  • Creates a professional learning community focused on the needs and success of students

Complete the form below to talk with an aha! Process consultant about how the Framework for Understanding Poverty workshop and coaching can provide a measurable difference for under-resourced students.