How can we respond to boys in crisis – before they become men in danger?

As educators, we are often the frontline when it comes to observing troubling behavioral issues. But how well do we respond to boys in crisis? Take a short quiz to see how you would respond to a male student in potential crisis.

Then, order a copy of Boys in Crisis: Why It Matters and What You Can Do About It by Paul D. Slocumb, Ed.D. It will change how you respond to and correct problematic behavior in difficult male students and help them find the emotional, social, and academic resources they need to unlock their talent.

“Relevant and timeless! Teachers can apply this material directly to their own personal lives and the classroom by not only understanding boys better, but by modeling appropriate behavior in order to help make boys successful socially, emotionally, and academically. You now have a bigger tool box!”

 –Mark V. Hughes, Ed.D., Clinical Assistant Professor, Texas A&M – Corpus Christi