with Phil DeVol and Gene Krebs

Gene Krebs: Ron Amstutz, then chair of the Ohio House Finance Committee, had been for some time looking for some pixie dust, some thing that he could sprinkle over the issue of poverty and all the silos that relate to poverty, and come up with something to address. It was like he could see something out of the corner of his eye. There was a color here he could not quite see. And he heard you [Phil DeVol] talking about the various ways that you implement your methodology and everything, and all the light bulbs went off for Ron. He had an “ology” if you will, to go along with his concept. And then he turned that into legislation, got money for it.

Phil DeVol: Yes. And that turned into Healthier Buckeye Councils and the $11.5 million going to 20 or 21 sites. And 10 of those were solid Bridges sites, and then Bridges played a part in a number of other ones as well.

Gene: And then I think it’s also been about, this is a good point for the whole Bridges movement in that it’s aged now about 20 years.

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