All of the sudden, if you looked at me, you could see all the gears turning in my head and the lights going on behind my eyes, and I’ve been looking for some time for what I would call a “unified field theory of public policy.” Something that could address several different public policy issues at once.

Einstein was looking for a unified field theory in physics; I’ve been looking for the same thing in public policy.

The Bridges Out of Poverty work and the Getting Ahead curriculum is the closest I’ve seen to that. Now what we’ve done with the book Bridges Across Every Divide is we’ve now taken that application of it, and now we’ve applied it, if you will, now to how to move public policy.

It doesn’t matter what area of public policy you’re in. If it’s at all relational to any of the silos—we’re talking here about poverty issues, affordable housing, transportation issues, workforce development, all these things get kicked up. To quote from a piece of popular culture now, this is kind of like the Bridges model is one ring to rule them all, one ring to find them.

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