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Monday, September 21 Breakout Sessions

Suzie Johnson Smith, aha! Process national consultant, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

Phil DeVol, author, aha! Process national consultant, Marengo, Ohio; Kathy McPherson, aha! Process national consultant, Columbus, Ohio; Ruby Tidwell, Getting Ahead graduate, office manager, Gainesville Community Ministries, Gainesville, Florida; Shontel (Shan) Jones, Getting Ahead graduate, Honolulu, Hawaii

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Hilary Sloat, principal, Hilliard Horizon Elementary School, Columbus, Ohio

Moderator: Gene Krebs, author, aha! Process consultant, Camden, Ohio; Ilana Pruess, founder and CEO, Recast City, Washington, District of Columbia; Frances Mennone, director of strategic partnerships, Cross Street Partners, Cincinnati, Ohio

Nicole Baptiste, aha! Process national consultant, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Donna Hurt, aha! Process national consultant, Lamoni, Iowa; Rickey Frierson, aha! Process national consultant, Fort Collins, Colorado

Tuesday, September 22 Breakout Sessions

Christina Fulsom, executive director, East Texas Human Needs Network, Tyler, Texas

C. J. Huff, founder and special advisor, Bright Futures USA , Joplin, Missouri; Dana Keller, executive director, Chamber of Commerce, Mexico, Missouri

Angel Tucker, aha! Process national consultant, Oregon, Ohio; Gary Rudick, aha! Process national consultant, Spavinaw, Oklahoma

Ruth Weirich, author, aha! Process national consultant —Denver, Colorado; Nathan Mandsager, chief operating officer, Pine Ridge Industries, Schenectady, New York

Dan Jennings (facilitator), director, Hagerman Forward, Hagerman, New Mexico; Phil DeVol, author, aha! Process national consultant, Marengo, Ohio; Tomas Vargas, investigator, Hagerman, New Mexico; Sammie Burton, Getting Out graduate, member of the prison reentry team at St. Rita’s Conference of the Society of St Vincent de Paul, Tampa, Florida; Carrie Montgomery, Getting Out graduate and facilitator, Hot Springs, Arkansas

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Ruby K. Payne, Ph.D., founder and CEO, aha! Process, Highlands, Texas