Are you unconsciously hurting your bottom line?

July 25, 2019 Published by

Unconscious bias about economic class often surfaces in the workplace. Your brain is on autopilot and operates based on how you grew up. Mindsets, habits, patterns, opportunities, and experiences are all shaped by the environment in which we experience our lives. Survival, achievement, and connections are also important. Can you…

Daily instability creates transportation pains for employees

July 2, 2019 Published by

The environment of daily instability creates pain for both the employees and your business. Really, does anyone want to spend time dealing with transportation? If your car has good tires, a half-tank of gas, and if the engine turns over on the first try, then you don’t spend time worrying…

Call for nominations: Honoring Bridges Community Award

June 13, 2019 Published by

The fourth annual Honoring Bridges Community Award committee is taking nominations! The selected site will be announced at the 2019 Addressing the Challenges of Poverty Conference. The selected community will receive $1,000 in free products from aha! Process and will be featured on the aha! Process website and in the newsletter. With…

Getting Ahead in the Workplace

Building a support system with Getting Ahead in the Workplace

May 20, 2019 Published by

I participated in Getting Ahead in the Workplace (GAW) in 2017 while I was an employee at Sunshine Communities in Toledo, Ohio. Everyone knows everyone in Toledo. It is friendly to me. My circle that I have is really friendly. I think people are trying to do things here to…

NHL team honors Getting Ahead While Getting Out facilitator

May 9, 2019 Published by

Raymond Pawlicki is a Getting Ahead While Getting Out champion. He was recently recognized by the Tampa Bay Lightning professional hockey team for his work providing prison reentry along with the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul. The NHL team made a celebratory video about Pawlicki, and they gifted him…

Neighboring 101 video captures message of Getting Ahead

May 2, 2019 Published by

This video is an oldie but a goodie. The testimonials from Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin’-By World graduates in Shawnee, Oklahoma, really capture the spirit of Getting Ahead. These are the kinds of results that are possible when communities focus resources on lifting up those who live in poverty.

MAMA program going strong in Arizona

April 26, 2019 Published by

Getting Ahead in a Just Gettin’-By-World is part of the MAMA (Mothers in Arizona Moving Ahead) Program in Tuscon, Arizona. These are remarkable results due to the hard work of the investigators and the comprehensive approach in Tuscon. The catalyst is the Pima County Health Department and the Community Services, Employment,…