We are more alike than we are different

December 11, 2018 Published by

I would definitely not be the woman and mother I am today if Bridges Out of Poverty hadn’t been introduced to me! I have grown so much as an individual by just learning new tools and having a support system of all these amazing role models. I am so grateful…

Video: Developing indigenous leaders

November 29, 2018 Published by

In this video, Michael Saccocio, executive director and CEO of the City Mission of Schenectady, chats about developing indigenous leaders and giving everyone a seat at the table of community transformation.

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Video: After Getting Ahead, we have to walk with them

November 21, 2018 Published by

Carla Boyd is the director of career and employment services for Danville Area Community College. In this video she talks about what comes after Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin’-By World. From the video: “I have two students I’m thinking about. One of them is a young man who was at…

How to avoid a riot after a police-involved shooting

November 19, 2018 Published by

The potential for a riot seemed inevitable. A police-involved shooting had just taken place in an inner-city community in Toledo, Ohio, and the crowd was very tense. Toledo Police Chief George Kral drew on his 30+ years of experience to bring calm to the scene—and he drew from insights shared…

Video: Hunger is the greatest thief

November 15, 2018 Published by

In last year’s November talk heading into the holiday season, the focus was on food. From the video: “Food is always attached to celebration, to holidays, to belonging, and to well-being. Probably one of the most interesting pieces I’ve read was an article out of Syria—Aleppo. A well-educated man, about…

Podcast: Benefits beyond a paycheck

November 9, 2018 Published by

We learned a lot of interesting things that we didn’t necessarily think of in the past. Things like how can we better support our employees who are going through a crisis? Things like how important relationships are to people who are living in an unstable world, and what does that…

Podcast: Bridges Out of Poverty and the faith community

November 2, 2018 Published by

Unlike a lot of the other things that are out there being used to help people in poverty get out, this is not about us telling the individual that they’re in poverty or they’re in middle class or what their problem is and here’s the plan they need to work…

Krebs to interviewer: Politics not an organization of hatreds

October 31, 2018 Published by

In an interview with Akron Today Magazine, Gene Krebs and Phil DeVol remind us that politics is not the way we organize our hatreds. Instead, in their work with Bridges Out of Poverty communities, the pair “have seen people of all political persuasions working together on poverty issues.” That all-in-together…

Re-imagining the path to student success

October 25, 2018 Published by

When I talk with staff and faculty on college campuses, I often begin the conversations with an invitation: Think about one or two college students you have known who were especially or exceptionally successful. What characteristics or attributes contributed to the students’ success? If you could develop a “formula” for…

New release: A Framework for Understanding Poverty, 6th Edition

October 23, 2018 Published by

New Chapters on the Brain, Intersectionality, and Parents Simple, proven strategies that schools can start using today With a view through an economic lens that has only become sharper and more focused since its initial publication in 1995, Framework’s premise is unchanged: Middle-class understandings of children and adults in poverty…