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Southeast Iowa Building Bridges Initiative on Tri-States Public Radio

June 26, 2017 Published by

Listen to a great profile of the work Vern Reed and others are doing to spread Bridges constructs throughout southeast Iowa. In the interview, Reed highlights the need to develop a range of resources, not just financial resources. Physical health and mobility, motivation and persistence, and integrity and trust are…

david rockefeller

David Rockefeller: A life well-lived for 101 years!

March 21, 2017 Published by

The New York Times has an article today about David Rockefeller, who died yesterday (March 20) at age 101. What a remarkable life! He worked well into his 90s. He did not have to do so but became a tireless traveler, banker, and philanthropist. His grandfather, the original John D.…

Who are the new lab rats? Students and teachers

January 27, 2017 Published by

A report was released by the feds recently. According to The Washington Post, $7 BILLION WAS SPENT BY THE FEDS ON LARGELY FAILED EDUCATION POLICIES FOR THE LAST EIGHT YEARS. Overall, there was little change in student achievement. Am I surprised that it failed? No. Would it have made a…

Former Bridges trainer at TEDMED: I reduced Utah homelessness by 91%

December 11, 2016 Published by

Lloyd Pendleton, a former Bridges Out of Poverty certified trainer, gave a talk at TEDMED earlier this month. In his presentation, Pendleton detailed his journey from failing to understand homelessness to reducing homelessness in Utah by 91%. From Christina Farr’s original article at Lloyd Pendleton grew up on a ranch in rural Utah, an upbringing that taught him values…

Bridges Out of Poverty

Bridges Out Of Poverty Summit at a Maryland University

October 29, 2014 Published by

On November 14th, Allegany College in Maryland will be hosting the 48th Annual Institute on Medicine and Religion, with a panel based around Bridges Out of Poverty: Strategies for Professionals and Communities. Terie Dreussi-Smith, co-author of the book, will be presenting about poverty and healthcare along with a board of specialists in various…


Bridges Out Of Poverty Workshop Educates New York State

October 22, 2014 Published by

A recent two-day Bridges Out Of Poverty workshop in Watertown, New York educated one hundred and fifty people about poverty and socioeconomic differences. Many of those who participated in the workshop work in social services, and the discussions they heard and participated in will directly contribute to their professions. “For instance,…

Bridges Out Of Poverty

Bridges Out Of Poverty Educates Wyoming Employers

October 17, 2014 Published by

About 20 employers from the northern Wyoming town of Sheridan participated in a recent Bridges Out Of Poverty workshop. This one-day workshop focused on how different employers can answer the financial needs and pressures of their employees. Presenters drew the distinction between situational and generational poverty, as well as the…

Bridges Out Of Poverty

Miami Bridges Out Of Poverty Organization Helps Those In Need

October 15, 2014 Published by

A new Bridges Out Of Poverty program in Miami, Florida will teach families how to access resources, tap into their own talents, and escape poverty. This 20-week, 10-person class will meet once a week to learn and share ideas and strategies for supporting oneself. This new program is inspired by the…