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Nuevo lanzamiento: ¿Qué partes de ti mismo realmente te pertenecen? Un proceso para construir tus recursos emocionales

June 21, 2017 Published by

El bienestar total comienza con la salud emocional. Conforme avanzamos en la vida, muchos de nosotros cedemos o perdemos partes vitales de nuestro ser. Utilizamos energía invaluable en personas y circunstancias que limitan nuestro crecimiento. El dolor relacionado con el pasado; los viejos patrones de pensamiento y de conducta; las…

What’s your dream?

May 3, 2017 Published by

My first trip to Vermont was an invitation to speak at the Blueprint for Health conference. I was invited a day early to meet with other presenters and leaders in government and healthcare. I was taken with the natural beauty of Vermont, the warmth and hospitality of everyone we met,…

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How one Ohio community is addressing the heroin/opioid epidemic

March 27, 2017 Published by

Marion, Ohio, like much of our country, is suffering from the effects of the heroin/opioid epidemic, which lately is driving a great deal of what takes place in our criminal justice system and social service agencies. In Marion County most children services cases involve drug addiction. Our mental health agencies…

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The value of a mental model

March 24, 2017 Published by

This is a great mental model! A mental model is a story, analogy, or drawing to explain something. It makes learning so much faster! Research shows sleeping on the left side has lots of health benefits. It allows for waste materials in your body to be removed more easily by…

We are all terminal: Some thoughts on cancer, death, and value

February 8, 2017 Published by

In the last two years, I have personally known three individuals with glioblastoma brain cancer. Usually terminal. I recently texted one of my friends whose partner was diagnosed last year with brain cancer to see how he was doing. My friend texted back to me: “Your timing for getting in…

Want to live longer? Healthier? And effectively manage your time?

February 6, 2017 Published by

Again, it’s the relationships! The research indicates that strong family and social ties improve both your health and longevity. Time magazine, February 2, 2017, has an article by Alexandra Sifferlin titled, “Longevity: How Family Ties Keep You Going, in Sickness and in Health.” What were the findings? Families that eat…

Targeted community healthcare boosts outcomes in Memphis

January 31, 2017 Published by

Memphis ZIP code 38109, a neighborhood called Riverview-Kansas, is affected by severe health inequities—more so than any other part of the city. High rates of chronic illness, hospital stays, emergency room visits, and use of charitable services in 38109 led Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare to develop a community-driven program in…