Bike Walk Twin Cities: Bridges Out of Poverty

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Bridges Out of Poverty (03/27/2013)

aha! Process author Jodi Pfarr leads people out of their cultural comfort zones and into a discussion of building bridges across communities, understanding the impact of our own upbringing, and revamping theories of change. The Bike Walk Twin Cities team drew up nine take-aways from Pfarr’s presentation, including, “Regardless of our background or current economic class, people are strongly socialized, and often without realizing it, we act upon hidden rules of our class. As Jodi said, ‘The more we understand how class affects us and are open to hear how it affects others, the more effective we can be.'” They also specifically discussed how public transportation in the Twin Cities helps and deepens economic and social gaps. Read more…

View as PDF: Bridges Out of Poverty – Bike Walk Twin Cities

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