BAP, FOIL, SOHCOHTOA, Next Door Neighbor Fractions and many more helpful hints to encourage students to remember the rules of mathematics. These mental models are a few of the ways students remember mathematics strategies. In the book Better Algebra For All, teachers and students are presented with examples of mental models to help remember techniques tested both on the Common Core and in Texas on the Algebra I End Of Course state tests. The book is designed to be used for students who have trouble remembering lessons that were previously taught. It presents catchy ways for students to internalize subjects that are not easily retained.

After teaching algebra I and other math classes for over 35 years, I have found success using these mental models and step sheets to help students pass the state exams. Students need a way to retain the methods used in algebra I. Because this subject uses abstract mathematics, many students struggle to find ways to remember the processes. This book will help students process these strands. Additionally, students will recall methods to solve problems using these techniques. These pages can also be enlarged to make posters.

I challenge you to try these strategies and see if your students respond to these step-by-step methods to solve problems. Examples follow each method to help students try another example.

Best of luck on the upcoming assessments.

— Sally Black