The individual and institutional lenses covered in the first two Bridges Out of Poverty workshops are used to inform the third Bridges workshop, which looks toward building a sustainable Bridges community.

Training Prerequisites: Bridges Out of Poverty: Individual Lens and Bridges Out of Poverty: Institutional Lens

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Highlights of this workshop include the following topics:

  • Beginning with the end in mind
  • Engaging the community
  • The Getting Ahead series and methodology
  • Getting Ahead evaluation results and CharityTracker outcomes
  • Staying ahead programs
  • Identifying cocreators, catalysts, and backbone organizations
  • Creating a Bridges steering committee
  • Building awareness and finding funding
  • The joy of working across class lines
  • Rankism, transformational relationships, and false generosity
  • Creating a Bridges steering committee
  • Building a Bridges collaborative
  • Criteria for becoming a Bridges community
  • The joy of politics and policy change
  • Overcoming political barriers
  • Criteria for effective advocacy