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Podcast: ‘Morning Conversations’ – A model to further the Bridges dialogue

June 15, 2018 Published by

I’m excited to share this model that we’re using here in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, called “Morning Conversations.” Just to let you know a little bit about who we are, we are a Community Action Agency in Bucks County. We were established as part of Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty in…

Morning Conversations: Volunteering to fight food insecurity

December 14, 2016 Published by

Several weeks ago the Bucks County Opportunity Council, the anti-poverty organization in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and the Hunger Nutrition Coalition sponsored a Morning Conversation titled “White Bread, It’s What’s for Dinner.” Morning Conversations are a means for community members who have participated in Bridges training to continue the conversations about…

Morning Conversations: Bridges Out of Poverty

November 18, 2016 Published by

Conversation is an art that is slowly fading from our world of instant messaging and cryptic texting. Conversation at its best: Is personal, meaningful, and courageous Is an exchange of ideas and thoughts Allows deeper understanding and sets the foundation for the implementation of thoughts and ideas The Bucks County…