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Working With Student Brains In Mind: Daniel Amen

August 10, 2010 Published by

As teachers, we teach only one organ in the body. That organ is the brain. Because we teach the brain, we need to know everything we can about how the brain works. I recently had the opportunity to hear Dr. Daniel Amen, a noted psychiatrist and an authority on how…

Bullying may mask other issues

July 10, 2009 Published by

Bullying behaviors are learned from educators, parents, and the media. I would ask that school personnel examine their own behaviors. Bullying is often systemic. Boys (and girls) who are angry with the system often become bullies to draw attention away from the real issues, which can be related to academic…

Engage learners using a wiki

March 23, 2009 Published by

I have an elementary school in West Virginia that did a book study of my boys book, Hear our Cry: Boys in Crisis, last spring. Following a recent boys presentation I did, I was asked if I would be willing to join a group of teachers in a discussion of Raising…