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Reducing Poverty–Building Human and Social Capital in the Community

May 17, 2013 Published by

by Lisa Stoddard It’s so difficult to get our collective “head” around the issue of reducing poverty because it’s such a complex issue. One of the ways that we began to develop a better understanding of the complexity of the issue of poverty was by trying to think of our…

From Vision to Action: Best Practices in Sustainable Communities

October 25, 2012 Published by

Lisa Stoddard I’m really proud to share a new book just published by aha! Process, Inc. called From Vision to Action: Best Practices to Reduce the Impact of Poverty in Communities, Education, Healthcare, and More. This is a collection of peer-reviewed articles submitted by practitioners utilizing the constructs from Ruby…

In Search of the “8s, 9s, and 10s” in Commitment and Community

July 19, 2012 Published by

by Lisa Stoddard At Community Action Partnership we are always thinking about how to increase our impact, broaden our support, and grow community commitment to ending poverty. About six years ago our agency leadership team went through a transformational leadership process that helped us think differently about what it meant…

Operating from a place of abundance

June 7, 2012 Published by

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about abundance and operating from a place of abundance. Typically in human services work, I think our task is so large and our resources so inadequate to meet the needs that our natural tendency is to “circle the wagons” and hold on tightly to…

Reaching for Community Stability–Payday Lending Interest Rates Remain Unregulated—for Now

April 6, 2012 Published by

So long as the payday lending industry in Idaho goes unregulated and continues to be allowed to exploit people in poverty because they are in poverty, we have a lot more work to do.

Beyond Poverty Reduction: Shared Values and Bridges Constructs Make the Difference for Community Action Partnership

January 11, 2012 Published by

By Lisa Stoddard Here at Community Action Partnership in Lewiston, Idaho, we have a vision. Our vision is our entire community working together to end poverty, not just poverty reduction. Now, that’s a big vision, right? One of our first steps in getting there was to co-found The Center for…