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Serving Gifted Students from Poverty Part 3: Solutions That Enhance Equity

April 19, 2012 Published by

In the first two parts of this three-part blog series, I reviewed issues related to inequity in the identification of gifted students from poverty. What, then, must begin to occur in schools across this country when they are developing their identification systems to locate gifted students? They must begin to…

Serving Gifted Students from Poverty Part 2: Inequity, Resources, and Equity vs. Equality

April 12, 2012 Published by

By Jo Seidel Paul Slocumb and Ruby Payne clearly define the difference between treating students as equals and treating all students equitably, especially when talking about gifted programs: “When an identification process imposes criteria on students as though they all come to school having had the same opportunities, they are…

Serving Gifted Students from Poverty Part 1: Key Questions About Equity

March 31, 2012 Published by

The blog entries in this three-part series will investigate sources of inequity, differentiate between equity and equality, and offer solutions that reduce inequity