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As the School Year Begins, Observe the Hidden Rules of Your New Students

August 17, 2009 Published by

Each year before school started I often spent two or three weeks making sure my classroom was “perfect” before my students arrived. I would arrange my room one way; then rearrange it. On the first day of school as the teacher, I found myself as excited as I was on…

Next steps: What to do after attending A Framework for Understanding Poverty Day 1 workshop?

April 26, 2008 Published by

Recently I had the opportunity to present a workshop in Michigan. The contact person phoned to ask what her staff could do to put the Framework for Understanding Poverty material into practice before having me return to do a follow-up Learning Structures workshop. I decided that the information she requested…

What does mutual respect look like?–Improving Educational Impact

December 20, 2007 Published by

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to observe classrooms in a school involved in its third year of implementing Dr. Payne’s work. To determine the level of implementation and educational impact of the work at each long-term site, classroom observations are conducted using a model fidelity rubric.…