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Nueva traducción: Hacia adelante en un mundo en que solo se sobrevive

March 20, 2018 Published by

Si pudieras escribir la historia de tu futuro, ¿cómo empezaría y cómo terminaría? Preordenar ahora. El libro se envía en abril. Si durante una parte, o la mayor parte, de tu vida has estado luchando solo por irla pasando, puede que la idea de salir adelante te parezca inalcanzable. Sin…

What are ‘sectors?’ Brochures for community, K–12, workplace, and more

March 12, 2018 Published by

aha! Process combined trainer certification brings three sectors to the table. The Addressing the Challenges of Poverty conference brings all sectors together together to, well, address the challenges of poverty. But what are these “sectors?” The sectors are the areas in which aha! Process concepts can be applied. From business…

Staying ahead: A Getting Ahead graduate’s inspiring story

March 7, 2018 Published by

“Getting Ahead is basically a life skills program that gives you tools and information to be self-sustaining and non-dependent on agencies,” says Norman Anglin. Anglin is Getting Ahead graduate and a clerk with the Vermilion County Board in Danville, Illinois. He obtained his position after he was recognized for his…

Colorado Getting Ahead successes shine in this infographic!

March 5, 2018 Published by

Check out this infographic featuring the successes achieved by the Moffat County United Way in Colorado. Using a specialized self-sufficiency scale, they’re able to show how many people have achieved self-sufficiency using Getting Ahead. They’re also able to track how many people are well on their way. “We use the…

2018 product catalog features road maps to equity and sustainability

February 28, 2018 Published by

Check out our new product catalog. It now includes handy, point-by-point road maps for implementing aha! Process strategies in each sector. Community services, schools, healthcare, higher education, criminal justice—no matter what kind of work you do, we have a plan for you.

Krebs proposes fund to aid rural towns, fight opioid epidemic

February 14, 2018 Published by

Gene Krebs spent eight years in the Ohio House of Representatives, three years on a local school board, and four years as a county commissioner. Now he’s proposed a state fund that would aid rural communities and help battle opioid addiction in Ohio. Krebs has been a research executive in an…

Corpus Christi Mission 911 offers Getting Ahead, housing for homeless

February 5, 2018 Published by

Mission 911 in Corpus Christi, Texas, provides temporary housing and support for the homeless. They can even accommodate men with children, a rarity among shelters. This and other features of Mission 911 are things that make organization founder Tony Reyes smile. Reyes says of the mission: “One day, after attending…

Miami Valley Community Action Partnership graduates second Getting Ahead group

January 29, 2018 Published by

Check out this video featuring highlights from the second Getting Ahead graduation ceremony held by the Miami Valley Community Action Partnership (CAP) in the Dayton, Ohio, area. Miami Valley CAP is part of the CAP of the Greater Dayton Area, which was established in 1964. In addition to facilitating Getting…

Ruby Payne publishes article series, will host TEPSA ‘Lunch and Learn’

January 22, 2018 Published by

Ruby Payne will have a three-part series featured in Instructional Leader, a publication of the Texas Elementary Principals and Supervisors Association. Part 1 is titled “School Improvement Issues for High-Poverty Schools: Year 1” and is in the current issue. Instructional Leader is a subscription-based publication, but they were kind enough…

‘How to do Bridges and Getting Ahead’: Communities share downloadable tools

January 15, 2018 Published by

Working through all the pieces of the Bridges model can be daunting. Luckily, one of the strengths of Bridges communities is sharing with one another! Communities have provided artifacts that they use in their Bridges initiatives. You don’t have to reinvent all of the wheels; some of that work has…