Charity-Tracker-LogoBridges communities across the nation have long been asking for evaluation tools to prove the success of Getting Ahead efforts to justify program continuation and expansion. Until now, the solutions we found were both highly complicated and expensive to implement.

We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with Simon Solutions, creator of the CharityTracker tool, specifically designed to collect and measure results of non-profit initiatives.

For several months, we’ve been working with the CharityTracker development team to customize their tools for Getting Ahead program assessment. aha! Process has made the full development of this customization possible, and these evaluation tools will be available to any subscribing Bridges communities at CharityTracker’s low monthly rate.

Some of the great functionalities enabled by this new tool include:

  • Ability for Getting Ahead facilitators to enter investigator self-assessment of resources
  • Ability to document the increase in stability and resources as Getting Ahead graduates work on their future story plans.
  • Ability to calculate detailed return-on-investment
  • Method to assess Getting Ahead model fidelity elements for each agency using the CharityTracker tool
  • Development and maintenance of all software components to aggregate Getting Ahead data across organizations participating in Bridges collaboratives.
  • Detailed reporting for local and national use.

You’ll have quick access to your data, accurate statistics, and a digital record of all assessments — all the information you need to measure and report on program impact.

To get started, email the Charity Tracker team at