Before I continue posting more comments and information pertaining to diversity, I would like to encourage anyone one reading this site to add their comments, anecdotes, or questions. My initial entry, “Diversity: Four Overlapping Mindsets,” is merely a launching pad for conversation. As I add more entries, I will further define how each mindset can affect a classroom’s climate and culture. I will also discuss techniques used by other teachers (as well as myself) that help to promote cooperation, collaboration, and collegiality among students and staff. If you have questions posed by students, feel free to add them to your comments.

-Ruben Perez


About the author:

Ruben Perez of Houston, Texas has been in education since 1988. He taught general education and English as a Second Language (ESL) classes in K – 8. Ruben is currently an administrator with Cypress-Fairbanks I.S.D. He is a student advocate in the Department of Academic Achievement. The department focuses on district wide dropout intervention programs. The interventions vary from mentoring, peer & college tutoring, staff development, and after school dance organizations. He is also a director at one of the district’s off-campus tutoring sites located in a Section Eight apartment complex. He started using the strategies recommended by aha! Process in 1996 and became passionate about the information and its effectiveness.  Ruben is co-author of the article “Bullying Among Ninth Grade Hispanic Students” (2005). In 1998 he was awarded Wal-Mart’s teacher of the year. He is the recipient of a State Proclamation, an honorary life time Parent Teacher Association (PTA) member, awarded spotlight teacher 2001-2002 and received the Outstanding Young American award. He was also a board member for Urban Harvest; a non-profit organization that supports school and community gardens.  His motto is, “To be educated is to be liberated”.