It’s free, and it’s a treasure trove of delicious holiday favorites and traditional family dishes, but maybe the best thing about the aha! Community Cookbook is that it’s created by you! We have a great start just in time for Thanksgiving, and we’d love it if you’d email us your recipes to add.

Maybe you cooked a large dish to serve 12 in a Getting Ahead group, or maybe your favorite dessert was a big hit at the last meeting of your Bridges steering committee. Now there’s a way to “bring enough to share with everyone.” Just send us the recipe!

Many of the recipes already in the aha! Community Cookbook include a story about the dish and what it means to the person who contributed it. If there’s a great story that goes with your recipe, don’t be shy about sending that too. You might even see Ruby Payne cook your recipe on Facebook Live!

Check out the aha! Community Cookbook now!