Zion’s Grandfather’s Tortilla Soup

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by Zion Pullman

My grandpa can cook many great meals. If you come to our house, you might witness the steam rising from his red, steamy meatloaf or smell the scent of chicken and dumplings wafting from the kitchen. Of all the dishes he cooks, however, his tortilla soup is the best. If you’ve had ever had Mexican food, you’ll know you’re in for a spicy delight. But it’s not just any old tortilla soup; there are certain significant steps that give the soup its flavorsome taste.

While preheating the saute pan, he will bring out the required vegetables.  He will cut up thin slices of green peppers until they are bite sized. While letting the pieces of peppers simmer in the saute pan, Grandpa is ready to pull out a can of black beans and a can of corn.You know things are coming together once he brings out the soup pot. After the peppers simmer, the broth is ready to be prepared.

In the past, he used to start from scratch, but now he adds a pre-made sauce with chicken slices included with it.  Tossing in a dash of chili powder, tomato sauce, chicken broth, and other seasonings, he gets the Mexican restaurant taste. He finally dumps the flavorful corn and black beans into the sauce and the chicken is the next priority for the dish.

After adding it all together, the food has to or simmer for an hour. This is my favorite part because once the chicken is done, the tortilla soup is finished! Opening the cover of the pot releases an aroma of the appetizing dinner. His food is so delicious, I can imagine him having his own restaurant! My paw paw is eighty-one and is still cooking to this day. If you try his food, you’d come back every week. His cooking brings us together as a family, we are able enjoy each other’s company while feasting on his famous soup.

Zion’s Grandfather’s Tortilla Soup

2 chicken broth packs



Bell Pepper

Pre made chicken

can of corn and can of black beans


Slice up the bell peppers and Onions, and simmer it for 10 minutes in the Pot.

Add 2 packs of Chicken broth, and a cup of vegetable oil.

Cut the precooked chicken in thin slices and add in pot.

Then, add a bottle of salsa and 2 dashes of cumin,

Add a can of corn, and one of black beans, and cook it for 15 minutes


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