Grandpa and Grandma’s Beef Soup

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Comfort in a Bowl

by Julian Monsalve

Are you familiar with the warm feeling and comfort you get from a homemade soup?  You may think it sounds good only in the winter time when it’s cold outside, but when it comes to my grandma and grandpa’s savory beef soup, it is good anytime of the year.  My memories of this soup go as far back as I can remember; and my siblings, who are older than me, feel the same warm feeling when anyone mentions my grandparents’ delicious soup.

The feeling of comfort and coziness always comes to my mind when I eat and think about my grandparents’ beef soup.  It is filled with wonderful chunks of potatoes, carrots, cabbage, corn cobs and beef pieces all swimming in a savory, salty golden broth.   It is not just tasty and delicious but it always reminds me of them and their comfy house that is always filled with love.

The recipe began with my grandpa’s mother. My grandpa would tell us the story of how his mom would just throw in all kinds of vegetables that they had harvested in their small garden in the back of their house while he was growing up.  She made it often for it seemed to be one of the meals that was least expensive for his family.  When my grandpa married my grandma he continued to make this soup for his family and has carried on the tradition with his grandchildren.

When my siblings and I get together, especially on holidays, we always talk about the things we remember when we were growing up. The one thing we all agree on is that Grandpa and Grandma’s beef soup was the absolute best.  Then we begin wishing we had a big bowl of it right then and there and imagine that we can smell that wonderful savory beef and feel the hot steamy soup on our faces.

My grandpa has always told us that he is going to teach us to make his beef soup so that we can continue this wonderful recipe. I know that I would definitely learn to cook just to make this yummy soup for it will always remind me of my wonderful grandparents and the love they have always given us and continue to give us.  I hope I can one day share this recipe by making it for my friends and family too.


Grandpa and Grandma’s Beef Soup


Beef short ribs, Water

Garlic, Cumin seeds

Onion, Celery, Potatoes, Carrots, Cabbage, Corn

Fritos, lemons, corn tortillas



  1. Place the beef short ribs in a pot of water with the seasonings and boil.
  2. While the meat is cooking, dice up the vegetables and set aside.
  3. When meat is tender, add vegetables and salt and simmer until vegetables are soft.
  4. Serve in a bowl and sprinkle with Fritos and lemon juice if desired. Serve with corn tortillas.

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